NW Tracking Series
     tickets at
                  Thursday May 6th 7pm NW Film Center  
                  Whitsell Theatre in the Portland Art Museum
                                               (934 SW Salmon Street, Portland)

                  Friday April 9th 7pm at The Elks Club/Theatre
 (130 S 2nd St Livingston)

     tickets at
                  Saturday March 6th 6:30pm at St Paul's Cultual Center
                                               (2215 West North Avenue, Chicago)

Northwest Film Forum Local Sightings Festival
     tickets at
                  Wednesday October 7th 7pm (1515 12th Ave, Seattle)

     tickets at
                  Thursday October 1st 9:30pm at The Emerson                                                                 (111 S. Grand, Bozeman)

DC Bootleg Festival
     tickets at
                  Friday September 18th 4pm at True Reformer Theater                                                                
 (1200 U Street NW, DC)

Frozen Film Festival
     tickets at
                  Saturday July 11th 8:40pm at The Roxie, San Francisco                                                                 
(3117 South 16th Street)

Florida Music Festival Indie Film Jam "SPOTLIGHT FILM"
                  Friday, May 15th  10:00pm   (CityArts Factory - Orlando)

Atlanta Film Festival
                  April 18, 2009  5:05pm (Landmark Midtown Art Cinema)

                  April 22, 2009  9:30pm (Landmark Midtown Art Cinema)

Florida Film Festival
            March 30, 2009  7pm    (Winter Park, Florida - The Regal)
                  April 2, 2009      9:30pm  (Maitland, Florida - The Enzian)