Cinematographer/Editor JUSTIN LUBKE


Justin Lubke spent his youth taking photographs in the tiny town of Ennis, Montana where he was born.  After high school, Justin traveled, studied language and worked with the poor in Brazil and indigenous tribes in India. Inspired and motivated by his experiences, he returned to Montana and graduated from Montana State University with an honors degree in documentary filmmaking. For ten years, Justin has worked in non-fiction film.  He has directed, shot and edited a variety of programs with topics ranging from desert foxes to indigenous tribes to basketball.  His work has appeared on networks such as PBS, National Geographic, Animal Planet and CBS. Recently Justin directed and shot his first feature length documentary, “Class C”, a film that has won multiple awards.  Whether in the jungles of India, the streets of Brazil, or on the back roads of his native Montana, Justin is always listening to stories and finding innovative ways to share them.